For those of you who know me you also might know that  I'm a self proclaimed Ego-Donk.  For those of you who don't know me look out at the league tables.  What does this mean?  What do you want it to mean?  Is your ego large enough to compete with mine in the league?  Is there room for both of us at the table?  I'm returning to the league this month to try to answer some of these questions.

Welcome all new members.  There seem to be an extra 9241 members in each league tourney for the 'new' league structure.  Welcome... I look forward to meeting you all on the felt.  Your chips belong to me so don't fight it.

Good luck?  Why would I wish you good luck when I'm trying to take you down?  Because you will need it that's why... particularly if you find yours truly at your table. 

You'll notice that most of this post is about me.  What else would you expect from an Ego-Donk?

What is an Ego-Donk? (Eego-Daunk in Europe) - An Ego-Donk is a player with such a high opinion of himself or herself that the competition will be crushed by the players mere appearance at the table.  Any two cards will do for the Ego-Donk and (s)he will have you fold-fold-folding where you have never folded before.  Think of Phil Hellmuth x 1000 and you will almost have an idea of what you're up against here.

Why should you care?  You should care because I am not the best player in the world but I am the best player in the known universe.  You've been warned and you'll see me at the top of my (the) leaderboard sometime very very soon.

Futhermore this morning I had toast...