So you run bad in the league and have ten losses and only one decent final table finish.  Is that so bad?  Yes it's terrible in the PSO. If you find yourself with a long list of early outs and only a couple of deep finishes don't feel terrible about your play just feel terrible about your rank.

In the 'real world of online poker' one or two final table results is probably more than enough to cover your earlier losses of five buyins ten buyins or perhaps even twenty buyins.  It is probably enough to make a tidy profit as well!

The point of all this is playing to win may improve your overall tournament game if that is what your goal in the PSO is.  If your goal is to win the PSO well then you'll have to adjust your strategy and play a bit more 'careful'. 

Making moves might be what your game is all about but that won't matter much if you are surrounded by a bunch of unfolding clowns.  Fortunately there are no clowns in this league due to the recent changes and everybody folds when they should.  :-P

What it boils down to is questions you ask yourself about your tournament play.  Did you win because you played well?  Did you lose because you poorly?  How can you make adjustments to improve your game?  How can you reduce your exposure to the risks associated with allin situations?

This is just my humble opinion and I hope it helps you think about your game.  Good luck in the league and out of the league and until next time keep wondering.