Welcome to Van's Wonder Blog,

If you are new to the Wonder Blog take a second to look through some of the previous posts and you may find some bewildering yet rivoting wonder blog facts! 

There are a few simple truths both in life and in poker and here I will list a few of them.

1. Never trust a hustler.

2. Some players will continuation bet every flop no matter what.

3. A7 offsuit is a group one hand not to mention a great hand to call a 7x preflop bet with after limping
in from under the gun.  This is a Wonder Blog fact!   I have learned that many many PSO skill league players understand and practice this fact.

4. Elvis is still alive.

5. Nine out of ten poker players believe that they are the best player in the world.

6. The real capital of the United States is Fort Worth Texas.

7. Dogs are smarter than cats.

8. Squirrels are smarter than horses.

9. Everyone has an equal amount of luck.

10. The sky is purple.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks list of Wonder Blog facts and I wish you the best of luck both in and out of the league.