Welcome to Van's Wonder Blog,

As you know there are absolutely no Calling Stations in the PSO skill league.  Everyone plays their cards exactly as they should and never call 5x raises before the flop with hands like 92 offsuit.  There are many many amazing players in the skill league and virtually none of them are Stations.  That my friends is a wonder blog fact.

Now you may be wondering.  "When should I be a Station?"  And you're proably thinking to yourself..."Never!  I'll never be the station at this table, it is the fish who calls."  Wrong!  Being a Station is exactly what you should do when up against a player that is playing too many pots.  You should still be picking spots to be the station just as you are picking spots to make your raises.  If you call down with middle pair or ace high you can turn into a loose aggressive player's worst nightmare.  He is trying to push you off those hands and if you don't let him you will leave him wondering.  Raising and calling from the blinds will send a message and that message is that you're not going to make it easy for them.  I'm not suggesting that this is something to try in the early stages of the tournament.  Study the players.  This is not a tactic you want to use against a tight aggressive player.  Use it against the ones that are out of line... not that anyone ever is in this league.

From one station to another.  Good luck at the tables and call me down... please call me down.