Welcome to Van's Wonder Blog

The reason this is a 'wonder' blog is because poker is a game that leaves you wondering.  "I wonder if he had a hand?" you may find yourself wondering from time to time.  "Did I get bluffed?"  "Is this a donk leadout?  It's a donk leadout isn't it?"  O-Donkey-O-Donko.

If you're lucky some players may show their cards or tell you what they had.  Then you can wonder if they were honest about what they had.

Lately I've been wondering about luck.  How do some players always manage to catch their draws?  Why do they always seem to catch with Q7o vs. KQs?!?

Well we're all lucky that there are almost zero donks in the PSO skill league.  In fact I am probably one of the largest donks in this league.  Well at least that leaves room for improvement right?  Wrong!  I am going to work my hardest to become an even huger donk and attempt to get my chips in as an even bigger dog than before.  You might be wondering..."is he really a donk?"  "are there really zero donks in this league?"

Often in this league you're going to find yourself playing with players you haven't played with before or players that you have only played against a few times.  So there is going to be some wondering at first.  If you are placed at a table with players you have played against a few times at least you will have some idea about their playing tendencies. 

Until you've gathered some information on the players at your tables watch out for O-Donkey-O-Donko particularly early in the tournament.  (Not that there are any Donks in this league.)  I don't suggest sitting out early because you never know what may happen in this game but you might want to be a little more selective than usual.

Good luck everyone and keep wondering