Sunday always messes with my brain. Not the day Sunday, of course, but the tournament frenzy. I just kind of feel like I gotta give it all that day. It just might be the day of days. Don't we all hope that every Sunday? And then I usually mess up.

This Sunday was no different. I had some catching up to do, which is something that you should, of course, never think before starting a session. It's about playing well, not about catching up, or making up for losses, right?

Well, I didn't quite manage this Sunday. I got better regarding the goals I refined in my last blog, but I opened up a new leak, nice and wide: I played too many different formats.

I've known that about myself for a while. It's a bug that infects me on Sundays only, as that's the only day when there are more formats offered for my favorite $215 Sunday Million satellites. You can play $2.20 rebuys, $4.40 rebuys, $7.50 re-entries, $11 single-entry, $11 re-entry. The last one is, of course, not in my bankroll yet. I wanted to only start playing them when I hit the $1000 active bankroll mark, remember?

Well, I haven't hit it yet. I played them anyway. Shouldn't have... Oh yeah, and in my frustration I also entered the $7.50 re-entries for the first time. Unfortunately, I didn't look closely enough before I registered. They were hypers! Man, what a dumbo I can be on Sundays.

Anyway, I have come to my senses, dropping to as low as $330 active bankroll on Sunday night (after winning just one satellite, after the tournament had started, braved the Sunday Million for a bit before I busted again). This screenshot was taken when it still looked a bit more promising

I have now reset my responsible gaming limits to a tournament buy-in of $5 max. I'm not even playing the $4.40 rebuys anymore. I don't find them to be good value for money as they never attract many players, and those that do come around are pretty tight, hardly rebying, so the buy-in to prize ratio is actually way lower than in the $2.20's where people tend to rebuy much more liberally. 

I'm therefore sticking to my old guns now, playing the $2.20 rebuys for the Sunday Million and the $2.20 for the Sunday Storm only. I've also worked really hard on keeping the number of my buy-ins low. This has served me rather well. I've broken the spell and won two Sunday Million tickets, one yesterday, one today. I'm now back up at $602, feeling a little bit better, not about my catching up - but about my play and composure.

I'm gonna try to keep it together from now on, until and including next Sunday... I'll keep you posted on the progress of my challenge.

Good luck at the tables, and keep me honest plz!


PS: the bankroll graph above isn't quite accurate, sorry. Poker Copilot has some trouble tracking rebuys. I have to send myself tournament audits regularily to track the number of rebuys and then update the winnings manually. But it gives you an idea about the general trend at least. In the summary I will always refer to the actual active bankroll as shown in my cashier, so that's the hard fact. 


Challenge summary
Starting bankroll 16/5/2016: $185
Cashed out May: $100
Cashed out June: $200
Active bankroll today: $602
Total profit since start of challenge: $717