I'm back - in sackcloth and ashes. The last two weeks were a bit of a bankroll mini earthquake. After making over $100 in profit since the start of my challenge a month ago, I lost it all back - and rightly so.

It all started with my lily-livered Big Bang debut and the double pocket rockets tournament bust.

It continued when my eyes fell on my $50 VPP Stellar Reward bar, still only half way green, with another 2500 VPPs to clear. A quick calculation told me I'd have to play an incredible 1250 (roughly) of my $3.50 STTs in the six weeks until the end of December. Actually, take away one week, as the holiday season will be off-table family time.

Then there was the Mission Weeks and my realisation that I'd have to clear a decent amount of FPPs for my free Sunday Storm ticket and accomplish one of the Missions before the end of last week.

And then there were the tempting Micro Millions...

They all screamed at me: "To h*ll with your nerdy challenge rules! Put in some volume - now!!"

And up popped the idea of opening ten $1 45-man turbo SNG windows.

Only, when setting the filter, I must have miss clicked.

I was focussing on my first table (hiding the ones open for registration), pressing the register button repeatedly, absent-mindedly thinking: "wow, those are filling up fast"...

Unfortunately, it wasn't my chosen $1 45-man SNGs that kept filling up fast. Accidentally, I had not excluded the $3.50. I had also accidentally included the 18-man (6- and 9-max) and 90-man (9-max), with buy-ins in between the unvoluntarily wide $1 to $5 buy-in range.

I ended up with the most ridiculously mixed ten tables I have ever played. Ironically this happened the very same day that I had decided to stop mixing different formats (table sizes, number of players, MTTs, satellites), having figured out that the constant need to switch between correct strategies absorbed too much of my focus and energy. 

I was so stressed out by this filter glitch mess that I busted in all ten of them.

Then I desperate-tilted, fired up another ten tables (all $1 45-man this time, phew) and busted in all ten, again. Or maybe min-cashed in one. Don't remember. My mind was blank by then. And my SNG bankroll curve taking a deep and merciless plunge downwards.

Then I opened up many (not gonna tell you how many) 1c/2c NL cash game tables. Hadn't I done quite well lately in those...? Needless to say, my mindset did not help generate a miracle run that day.


OK - it didn't actually happen this fast, but it sure felt that way. One month's hard work evaporated in a psychological nano second.

How goes the saying again? It only takes one banana (filter glitch) to slip...

At least I managed to clear my Micro Million Sunday Storm ticket in time (busted, but only after 20.000 other players, hey!), played a few cheap Micro Million MTTs to compensate (busted), earned my "Mission Possible" ticket in a crazy two-day grind, registered for the Shootout... - and busted, in the very first hand.

Now I'm back to square one, bankroll-wise exactly at where I started after revising my challenge rules and depositing my 100 BI bankroll. Well, including my micro limit cash game profits, technically, I'm still $3 in the black.

At least there was a big mental payout. The thought of it still pains me but I really have learnt a whole lot in the process.

About myself.

For starters, I seriously suck at 45-man SNGs. Period.

I also get incredibly frustrated by busting or min-cashing for the hundred zillionth time in large-field MTTs (my last big cash dates over a year ago, feels like eternity). Apparently, there is only so many spent buy-ins and hours that I am able to stomach before going insane.

I also seem prone to Special Promotions steering me off track, away from my nerdy (but totally sensible) challenge rules. Nothing wrong with the promotions as such. Though only some are for me, others are not. Time to start being smarter and choosing the right ones.

On the positive side, yes, there is one:

My $3.5 6-max STT ROI is still looking reasonably good, around 7%, despite some losing session. I've also had some good results with playing four instead of only two tables at once. So, some hope for my Stellar Reward.

Also, I seem to be able to make some profit while 20-tabling 1c/2c NL cash games (oops, it's out now), or at least to break even (earning me some more VPPs). Unless I'm tilted off my head, that is. Not bad, considered that I used to really burn money playing cash games a short while back.

This leaves me with some very useful additional process guidelines which, hopefully, will prevent me from stepping on last week's banana again in the future:

#1 Triple-check filter settings before multi-tabling!

#2 Stick to my guns and play mainly $3.50 6-max STTs. Increase number of tables from two to four, until results suggest otherwise.

#3 Mass-multi-table 1c/2c NL cash games for volume and VPPs, unless tilted off my head. (I might even dare dip my foot into wild 2c/5c waters, who knows?).

#4 Do NOT play banana sets of 45-man SNGs.

#5 Do NOT play more than one banana MTT a day (two on weekends).

#6 Focus on high-payout freerolls (Big Bang, Silverstar Freeroll, earn free MTT and satellites tickets, etc.) to save buy-ins - and reduce insanity potential.

#7 Focus on Zoom tournaments to save time - and reduce insanity potential.

#8 Cheer up, it's a game, have fun!

#9 Roll up sleeves and start over!


After all, that's what sound bankroll management is about, isn't it?


See you at the tables or here.

And KEEP ME HONEST, PLZ! (and sane)