Saturday was a glorious day: I was 100% ITM with a staggering 199% ROI! Sample size? Well, cough, six of my favourite 6-max STTs.

OK, the stats ever so slightly overstate my overall ROI and skill level. But, hell, did it feel good!

Given my poor results from last week, I could really do with this double boost to my confidence and profit.

And while variance certainly played a role here, I'd like to think it wasn't pure coincidence that Saturday also happened to be the day I had radically revised my challenge, revamped my bankroll management rule and made my biggest deposit ever.

Although swallowing hard when pressing the "buy chips" button, I felt light as a feather afterwards when playing my first 6-max STT. Just as 'ArtySmokesPS' said in his comment on my revised challenge post: "It's always easier to play your A-game when you know you have plenty of money in your account".

It really is. Feeling good about my cosy new safety net, I was finally able to relax, take my eyes off the cashier/remaining BIs, and redirect them to where they should be: on the table, focussing on playing well. And it paid off. Never before have I managed to play 6 games in a row, winning four, placing second in two and not busting once. Good old fella variance didn't stand a chance of getting back at me that night...

... Dinner plans with friends had me call it a day, right after those six games. And with nothing spoiling the experience, I could just savour the moment, for the first time since the start of my challenge actually looking at a (small) overall profit.


Funnily enough, to make the lesson complete, next evening I came home from a rather unpleasant day at work, feeling stressed out, exhausted and tired.

I knew I shouldn't have played - but did anyway. And predictably slipped back into a small minus.

I could cheekily blame it on variance looking for revenge but, truth be told, I really just played badly. As I usually do when distracted or irritated, with my stress-tilt signature moves being ill-timed bluffs (multiple barrels, of course) and sick hero calls.

Ergo, add challenge rule:

#8: When stressed-out, play Doodle Jump! Totally relaxing, totally EV neutral.


To finish off on a positive note: yesterday was another glorious poker day (good day at work, too). In nine games, eight 6-max STTs and one 18 man 6-max SNG, I made a nice profit of $41, adding up to an overall plus of $57.76 since the start of my original challenge on 13 Oct, despite the rather rough start.

I will keep posting my results, share the ups as well as the downs (reason tells me they're coming) of my SNG Poker journey, and the lessons learnt along the way. Comments and encouragement appreciated, as always.

I will also start posting the odd tricky hand situation, hoping for your expert evaluation and advise.

Over the next few days a big family gathering will keep me from playing. I will make good use if the off-table time, though, and work some more on my tilt-profile. Jared Tendler's questionary takes forever to complete, especially if you do it three (!) times over as suggested.

In the meantime, GL at the tables to all of you.