You know these days...which EVERYTHING goes wrong? (In poker, ofc)

Well, I had this day. It's a complete nightmare. No matter what you do, you are doomed in misfortune. You go all-in with AA ten times and lose ten times. You go all-in with KK and people seem to have AA everytime you have KK. You never hit a set in 2K hands. You never hit a single flop with AK. It's unbelieveable! When you finally hit a set, on a drawless board, someone calls your all in with nothing and win. When you have a flush draw with HUGE odds and HUGE pot, you lose. You made the nuts? How about everybody fold?

Everything I just said actually happened. Everything in 1 day. HUGE drop in my bankroll. I'm incredibly sad, and I know it's not my fault at all. It's just so hard to deal with this. Instead of best and worst hands of today, I will just post the UNLUCKY hands of the day...


Bronze Medal Unlucky Hand

Pretty standard siatuation. You got AA, what could possible go wrong? Maybe lose to a 20% underdog?


Silver Medal Unlucky Hand

Finally I hit a set! After so many hands!! Perfect board...nothing could go wrong now! (Except...)


Gold Medal Unlucky Hand

This situation makes you ask how is this even possible. This looks like a movie scene or something from TV. It's just unbelieveable. $11 pot preflop, and what happens? THIS:



-$5,84 today folks. HUGE drop. Now I am sitting at 5.7bb/100h, and it's getting worse. I wonder if I'm going to make it to $100 someday...