My decision to change from Zoom to regular definetely paid off. I'm doing lots better, and finding a lot of agressive maniacs to pay off. Of course, this meant a HUGE down after a huge up, but I still managed to make a good ammount of profit! Let's check the hands and the bankroll


Best Hand

Do you know when everything goes perfectly in Poker? You got great preflop hand, make a monster at flop and make nuts, and not only one; but TWO people call all in with marginal hands?


Worst Hand

My real worst hand of today was a HUGE lack of luck, with best hand at flop, all-in and then got Turned AND Rivered. Because of that, I'm posting the second worst hand. Had nice odds, got called by gutshot hands but...well, you tell me what went wrong.



I'm up again, folks! Today was a pretty good day for pokering, managed to make 22bb/100h, which is kind impressive, because it is just the 5th day of Cash Game in my life.