4 minutes till the Poker Skills league tournament starts. Going to jot down a few thoughts while playing. I am going to pick out the donkeys I face, list the things I did right, and the things I have did wrong. Donkeys Things Done Right Raise with top pair king kicker, got reraised by two pair. I raised preflop guy stuck around with a blah hand. Would do it the same way again. Things Done Wrong Raised preflop with pocket twos. There was only one guy left in the hand other then me, he only had 100 left so i put him all in. He hit his ace on the flop. His second card was a two so I was pretty much dead. Overall stats for the Tournament: Forgot to get them before I closed out. Needless to say a few bad beats nothing went right. I think I am going to try and do one of these for all the PSO league tournaments I play. I doubt I will do one for every tournament and sit and go it would take way to long. While sure I have a ton of free time it would just do to damn distracting. You know what really bothers me is the people who sign up for this thing and then sit out for the entire thing. Why would people sign up for a point rated league game and then sit out other then to piss me off. I swear the whole poker world is going out of their way to piss me off.