Ok so the month is almost over.  I still think there are some funny things going on, on the PSO tables but thats ok after this morning getting a 9th place and a 12th place using the techniques that I think are how its rigged I am happy.  I will most likely finish in the top 1000 this time but you all better watch out cause I will not be messing around come the start of next month.  I am gonna get in the top 100 this time.  Mark my words.  I would like to thank every1 that has sent me messages, commented to me, or I have talked to at the tables.  The advice has really helped out a lot.

So with that being said.  GAME ON and I will see every1 at the tables next month cause I am not gonna slow down or mess around for the first 2 weeks like i did this time.  I know its for a prize pool now lol.  I want the big money.  Not $3.  Best of luck every1 and dont forget to say hi if you see me at a table :-P .