Does it seem like when there is an all-in on these PSO tables that more times than none its the person that calls the all-in that wins the hand?  I ask this because I have noticed more than 80% of the time that when a person goes all in pre-flop and they get called that even if the person making the call does not have a better hand statistically, they win.

I also notice that 9 out of 10 times when I am the one calling someones all-in, that I win the hand.  On the other hand, if it is I going all in and get called that, that is the time I end up losing.  Just looking to see if there is anyone out there that also notices something similar.

Another thing.  What in the heck is up with right before breaks it seems there is always some kind of set up to get people to move all-in with an awsom hand but there is always that 1% hand that catches to take them out?  Anybody notice that? 

I thought this was supposed to be a skill league?  Like where is the skill when your playing the right way but getting beat every time because the unthinkable happens?  I guess I am still learning that the PSO tables are set up much differnt than cash games or other tournys on PokerStars.  Even tho they would tell you that it's not true.  I guess just lil by lil i will figure this out and soon enough you better watch out for me lol.

I just bring these things up because I play alot in the casinos around where I am at and nothing like all the unthinkables that happen on here ever happen as much there than they do here.  You might see something once an hour in the casino that you say WOW to.  On here tho, its like every 3 hands.  Maybe thats because more hands are played here an hr but alot of hands are played an hr when I'm at a casino table so I guess I dont see why there is such a big difference in the amount of WOW hands that you see on here compaired to a casino table.  I have seen quads on here 3 times in 15 mins and thats nuts.  I have played for 18 hrs straight on a casino table with no quads on any table on the floor for that time period.  Just strikes me a little strange thats all. 

I wish everyone the best of luck out there.  Feel free to comment.  I have gotten some really good feed back that has helped me and I do greatly appreciate it.  For those that have said hey and chatted with me while on the tables thank you and its always a pleasure to play with you.  Hope more and more will chat.  Its always fun and great to meet someone new out there.  See everybody at the tables.