Ooooooo k then.  So my post yesterday was about how unfortunate it is to play by the rules so to say and by saying that I mean playing the odds right and how they never tend to really work out to your advantage.

Today tho after all day yesterday playing and pretty much all this morning playing I have new beet lol.  I am sure I am not the only person that has had a similar situation happen to them and as popular as online poker is, I highly doubt that it will even come close to the last.  Millions of poker players on this site and no matter where I go, Sit n Go, Events, Tourny,  NLHE, PLHE, PLO, Razz, Badugi, 7 card, 5 card, real money, play chips, free rolls, vip tournys, large tournaments, one table tournaments, cash games, large real money buy-ins, or small real money buy-ins, its always the same.  Idiot Poker Players on every table and isn't it just the most frustrating situation in the world?

My title says it all and I know everyone, including those guilty of doing it, know what I am talking about.  So if this is you Poker Player and you are reading this please stand up and clap your hands and stomp your feet just like the little childrens song says to lol.  I is perfect that it is a childrens song in relation to this post because all in all you are playing this game like its a childs game.  Last time I checked and I live in the United States at minimum you haev to be 18 years old to gamble and thats on our Indian Reservations but mostly everywhere else here is 21 years of age.  I never was good at world history but I have talked to several hundred people on this site if not thousands from all around the world in hundreds of Countries and on every continent except Antartica (where i am sure there are no laws) but the point being is that the age limit is no differnt anywhere else.  Minimum age requirement to be on here for every Country is 18. 

With that being said, for gosh sakes people act your age when playing this because your an adult now and in order to be an adult you need to learn resposibilities.  I do understand that many other people like myself were playing poker well before the age of 18 because it has and probably always will be a family past time.  You know when the change jars get broken out and the parents let the kids win a lil extra change so that they may get a new toy or something but that still does not take away the reasoning for you to get on here and act like an idiot when playing poker.  All in all that should actually give you more respect for the game itself and the people you are playing with at each and every table you happen to end up at.

So without further adu I am going to make this as clear cut as possible by relating what I do to something a man named Jeff Foxworthy does called "You Might Be A Redneck" and for those of you that do not know Jeff Foxworthy or have never heard of him.  He is an American Comedian and a fairly funny one so check his work out some time and you will know what I am talking about.  I am gonna call this segment "You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player"

so. . . . .

If you, on the very first hand regardless of type of poker game it is, money or not go ALL-IN every time no matter what your whole cards are,  You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player.

If you think bluffing is the only way that you can win a hand and you get your bluff raised after the river card has fallen enough to put you all-in and still decide to call and your hand is the best hand, then get mad at the player who actually had a good hand for playing it, You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player.

If you think your 2 7 off suit is still best with 6 players in the hand and the flop comes A Q 8 rainbow and decide to call the 3 players making bets in front of you then wonder why you lost the hand, You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player.

If the board reads A K 9 4 2 rainbow and you are heads up with the other player putting out a bet first who checked down to the river with you and you have J 10 suited pushing all-in now and got called and put out but start yelling obscene gestures in the chat window on how it could be possible for someone to call your all in when they slow played their A K, You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player.

Lol needless to say there are many more You Might Be An Idiot Poker Player case and points out there and I could probably write a book souly on them but just wanted to get a few of those out there.  If anybody reading this has come across your own Idiot Poker Player instance and would like to share it with me, I would gladly and happily like to hear it and get a laugh out of it.

Point being, there are more of these types of poker players out there than the ones that want to enjoy the skill of the game and it to me along with several other players I have talked with is making the game very unenjoyable.   So call it what you will, you Idiot Poker Players, but if you just want to try and get lucky every hand then do us real poker players who enjoy the game and skill for what it really is a favor and after reading this just log off here and delete your account.  Because if luck is what you are searching for then go play the lottery lol.  Your odds doing that are probably substancially statistically worse there and the payout is much greater.  Then you can call yourself lucky. 

The poker players, like myself, that come on here to play the game for fun, try and actually win, and tighten up our skills every game, do not want to be bombarded by 1 or 2 idiots at every table we go to.  So please lol I beg of you because there can not be any enjoyment  of going out in every tournament without making it into the "money" everytime, consider sitting down, relaxing, enjoy, better your skills, try and win at every poker table you take a seat at.  I assure you that by doing so, you will be giving the game of poker and it's real players their respects and not continue to waste your own time.  I have watched it time and time again where you think your invincable after taking out several people and get a huge chip stack early on in a game but have never seen one of those people go on to cash because you only play your game based on luck not skill.

If you do not want to really play the game of poker then I suggest you don't.  On the other hand I will also toss out there that if you want to keep playing the way you do and lose all the time and lose real money like it has no meaning to you then please consider the next time when you make a deposit to just deposit it into my account and I will play it for you lol.  It just seems to me that most on here are made of money unlike me and can enjoy just blowing it like its nothing.  So if that is the case and there are some out there that have that luxery that is awsome cause I wish I did but I do not.  In any case, if you are one of those fortunate ones that is that Idiot Poker Player and just likes tossing money out the window, just be sure to toss it my way and we will call it an investment because it would be.  I would use it to increase my skills so that I one day may be considered a pro.  Winning dollar or two tournaments on here isn't going to get me to that level and I don't have the money to front for a WSOP or WPT event to start down that road but I do hope one day I am able to because I know I have the skills, knowledge, and willingness to make it that far.  So don't be supprised when you see me on t.v. lol it just wont be any time soon because there are not any $25 entry fees into the Main Event for me to win millions lol.

Thank you for reading for those who have and please feel free to comment, as I will for sure check any comments and respond promptly.  Maybe for those poker players reading this that are like me and want to have a skilled sit down players game only would like to get together.  Just let me know and we can figure out something and create our own table to chat, play poker, and have a good time together.  Check back for more posts.  I am sure my adventures today will bring up some kind of thought as to what I should write about next.  I wish you all the best of luck out there each and every day/tournament.  And feel free if you see me at one of the PSO Skilled League tables to say hi.  Im very friendly and love to chat while I play.  I helps keep my mind off the Idiot across the table that keeps going all in lol.  Cause I probably would have stopped playing this game a long time ago if I just focused every game on taking those people out haha.  Have a wonderful day everyone.

P.S.  Daniel, if your out there, Holla atcha boy lol