Well not that I beleive that anyone will read or respond to anything I decide to write but I figure this to be the best place to vent so that I may cool down and get back to playing smart poker lol.

So I didn't even know that there was a poker school or this skills league untill just last night when I received and e-mail from PokerStars about it.  Finding it kinda cool after reading some of the things and I have learned a few new things. 

I have come to realize though that especially on this site in particular that it seems that you have to play for luck more times than none to build a chip stack early and not regret it if you go out in the begining of a tourny.  Just try again in the next.  I say this because I have sat here and played the odds side of things and more times than none have lost sooner in a tourny because for the first several blind phases you have all the idioit players playing.  So by playing the odds if you don't catch that monster hand to be able to attempt an all in call and take somebody out, you end up getting blinded down to just about no chips before you make it to the level where it's actual poker being played.  Which does no good because then your only decision becomes on which 2 whole cards are you going to risk in the next few hands to try and double up on with.  In return, 9 times out of 10 you choose the wrong time to make that all in decision and end up going out anyways lol and esentually just wasted an hour or two for the same result as if you would have just tried to get lucky in the begining and grow a large stack quick or be out.

In any case, those instances become extreemly frustrating and I can't figure out why I keep comming back because it is and has always been for my whole life that there is no "LUCK" associated with my last name.  Hence the name of my blog.  No matter how frustrating poker gets, its still addicting and you can't live without it.  Just like a woman haha.  If you couldn't tell, I am male.

So thank you for anyone that has stumbled upon my ranting and raving, especially if you decide to respond or post to it.  As I will be back and check it daily now that I know this is here and maybe if anyone has a discussion topic we can start some kind of on going blog thing.  I wish everyone playing poker out there the best of luck and if we cross paths watch out because I do not go down easily .  Feel free to say hi if you see me at your table, the name is "usmc0481"

P.S.  Mr. Negreanu-

If you ever for any chance stumble upon my page do not be shy to say hi.  I admire your poker playing skills and know 100% without a doubt that you personally know the frustrations that I am talking about.  I watch your play on several shows that come on t.v. and I can not beleive how often the "odds" even tho in your favor, have gone against you.  I feel your pain and don't know how you don't either just flip over the poker table or get up, walk over, and just slap/strangle some people lol.  I have learned so much from just watching you and listening to you and I thank you for that.  I just hope that one day and I know it will, that it will ammount to something big.  So that I may accumulate a stack of money to join you in a game of poker just once.  Probably will never happen but it would be nice.  I am an injured United States Marine Vet, living off disability, playing poker lol so I have a lot of saving to do because like I said, "I for sure have absolutly no luck"  Good Day to you sir and best luck in any future events you may have comming up.