Royal Flushes are a thing of beauty and thrill every poker players heart. You cannot be at a table and not get excited when you see someone turnover a royal, unless of course you are up against it in a big pot!! Then it must seem like a curse from hell! I got my 1st royal online October of 2006, and less than a week later got my 2nd on the same site. The 2nd was special because I had a straight flush and 4 queens in the same tourney. Talk about a lucky tourney! But lightening really struck on Saturday 28th because I got 2 royals the same day!! No kidding and I saved the logs as proof. So here you go.... Starting hand #459,409,880 sharkfuel wins 7,600 with a royal straight flush Starting hand #459,545,555 BOZIDAR: King kong vs sharks....hmmmm sharkfuel: sure sharkfuel wins 2,400 with a royal straight flush This is a record I think will stand up for some time to come, two in the same day. But I hope others get a chance to try and beat it. It was exciting. Happy flops!