This being the first entry in my blog, I wanted to get it off to a good is this? I just got back from a single day turn around to Vegas! For those of you that do not know the means we got up early, drove 2.5 hours to Vegas, spent the day, and came home late the same day! The purpose for the trip......a visit to the WSOP and my friend Seth Weinger. The results, saw Seth, got my picture taken with quite a few poker pros, including TJ and attended the celeb poker tourney where I got some great shots. It is 1 am local, I am tired (because I was the driver, thx honey), and I need to go thru some of the pictures before I share them. OK fine, I need to use my computer skills to "dress up" the photos of myself before the are ready for primetime....There I said it JackTitan and Mr. Risky!! But I will find a way to post some tomorrow evening. Til then, happy flops! Jon - Sharkfuel Fine, for the impatient I added the one with TJ to my profile.