Wow I really enjoy PSO, and I absolutely love the game of poker but some people.........well some people in this game take the phrase; idiot with a bad attitude to an entirely new level. Everyone knows the names, they are the folks that when you see their name on a player list you think, "Boy I hope I don't have to play at a table with that jerk." Or "I hope he/she gets knocked out early." Or in very extreme cases you avoid the games they play in all together. I am telling you site management it happens and I will clue you in on another thing, bad conduct left unchecked can ruin a site. I came from a site that is all but dead now because site management was afraid to control the "bad boys" and enforce their own site rules. At the end of the day we are playing a parlor game. Playing checkers, chess, dominos or any other parlor game will not make you cool, smarter, witty, better looking or anything else; the same is true for poker. If you act like an ass while playing the game guess what? You're an ass! Is your life so sad and pathetic that you actually look forward to firing up the computer just so you can berate someone? If so, please get professional help quickly because the rest of the planet is already tired of you and may be putting you on a short notice soon. I try my best to be a nice guy and fun to play with. If I have a bad hand or two I sometimes complain about em. If that offends anyone please speak up and I will not do it. I have no interest in offending anyone and I am very thankful I have been fortunate enough not to sink to that low level in life or in this game. My sole reason for being here is to improve my game with a group of people that I enjoy playing with. That being said, there is no amount of membership, money, status, seniority on this site or a perceived social position that I will force me to tolerate someone that is abusive to me at a table or anywhere else. For my friends that have learned how to suffer fools - I respect that, but I don't understand why you tolerate them, they certainly don't deserve it. So if you read this message and it struck a nerve, you may want to have a serious talk with the person in the mirror, because you may already be on the jerk express. Read it, heed it and try to change but don't leave a reply that fully identifies you as what we already know your are...........that would just be a bad play worthy of busting out of the game of life.