First off an apology to anyone who follows my blog for no posting last week, I have and still am not well but am mostly better now *fingers crossed*.

There is a lot happening on Stars with the $9 Million today and Micro Millions starting next week. I hope to be playing in both, but that's unlikely. I opted into the $11 package which gains you entry to the $11 deadline sattelite and up to 10% of your choice of pro's action, as well as the potential for your $11 to be refunded if your pro does the best. I am also looking to play in the MicroMillions through a stake which you can find out about here

So these last two weeks I've not had any big scores but have continued to slowly build my bankroll. I've pretty much guarenteed my spot in the Premier league next month as i'm 3rd in the Qualifier league! I'm also quite happy with my position of 404th in the Premier league, thanks to a finish of around 20th, although I would have loved to have pushed on and won it to score a huge push in the league rankings. 

A negative over last couple of weeks is the lack of poker studying I've been doing. I've been pretty lazy on this front.

Bankroll: $387 (up $32 from 2 weeks ago)

Rating for last 2 weeks: C+ 

Weekly Goal Review:

Picked up quite a lot of issues with this that I need to sort out. Still helpful but stats can be misleading. Example of this is today an opponent called someone's shove for $10 in a tournament when blinds where 15/30 or something and it marked it down in his stats as calling a shove with => 22 big blinds with 9ts, which is misleading to me. Yes he did have over 22 big blinds but the shove was less than 1 big blind.

"Focused" Session
I feel like i'm getting better on this front as long as what i'm playing is interesting to me. Doesn't work for me if i'm just 1 tabling 9 max 1/2 cent for example. Still need to improve with note making.

Lack of this.

So to all of you who are looking to play in the $9 million today I wish you luck. I may even be joining you! If you're interested in playing in the MicroMillions check it out here: https://www.pokerstars.uk/poker/tournaments/micro-millions/

Good luck at the tables.