Frustrating week really. Played a lot of cash games on another site and ran badly which deterred me from playing on Stars. I had one win in a 180 man .55 sng for $24 which was the highlight of my week. Another positive was getting into the Premier League!
Bankroll : $355 (Up $14 from last week)
Week rating: C+ (Based purely on Pokerstars related - not offsite)

Weekly Goal Review:
Hud has been nice to use. I feel like I need to dedicate some time to familiarise myself with it more. Still experiencing some issues such as part of the HUD being in the way when 6 handed, and displaying information for the wrong players; 9 handed everything is fine.

"Focused" Session
Quite a few on a different site playing 2/4 cent cash.


Continued to watch some of JCarver's run it up series. Not many hands reviewed if any, got 8 lined up to be reviewed some time. Also sent a tournament off to Dave to be reviewed.

I found playing mtts annoying this week as I had a lot of deep runs such as 36th in a .55 $1.5k gtd with a 4.8k field, and more recently I just got 300th in a $1.35 knockout. I just need to convert one of these runs into a top 3 and i'll be well on my way to a very succesful spring!

On my Skill league adventures, I finished exactly 200th! I guess this means I am into the Premier League!

Thanks for reading.

Sorry for the short post. Quite busy, but I didn't want to miss a week!

See you next week, good luck at the tables.