So this week I've not been that active, a played a little on Saturday and came 7th in a $0.55 1.5k gtd for $39 which was nice, however, Sunday was my big session and it proved to be very frustrating as I was on the wrong side of variance!

Total Bankroll: $338

Week rating: C

Weekly Goal Review:
I emailed Poker Tracker and was told that if I choose to buy the software and it doesn't work, the'll refund me. I'm thinking of getting a HUD sometime this week.
"Focused" Session
On Saturday I only entered 5 tournaments, and focused on only a few tables but didn't take notes, so I need to work on this.
Continued on watching Gripsed MTT guide as well as making notes on it. Also been watching Sky Poker TV shows including an interview with Moorman.
Hand Reviews
None. I have 2 to be reviewed. I'm probably going to aim to have 5 reviewed/week from now on. This is because I don't want to be reviewing hands just for the sake of it, obviously I can do more than 5 if I feel it'll be useful.

This has been quite a dull week in terms of poker, the only highlight been the 7th place which has put me into profit for this week

Next week I aim to play big sessions on Mon-Thu and then Sat too! Hopefully I can get some nice results!

On the side i've also been trying to construct a bankroll management "helper" which takes into account field size and the buy in to output how many buy ins I should have to join. 

See you next week and good luck,