I have learnt a lot this week. My bankroll has decreased slightly. Overall week rating: B

Regarding my bankroll, it was roughly $275 when I made the blog post on the 27th and it now stands at $272 (but I transfered $13 from my Full Tilt account) so i've made a loss of $16. I feel i've run worse then average. I'm okay with this as i've mainly been playing tournaments and focusing on finishing in top 3, so I'm happy to moderate cashes for more larger cashes.

Regarding the goals I set myself for 2015:

- I have not yet setup a HUD. I will be aimimg to do this by the very latest the 13th Feb ( I am off work the following week and want to play a lot).

- I did have a session where I played at most 2 tables, I still got a bit bored at times and browsed the internet a little, but I did make some reads and felt an improvement in my play. Next week i'm going to try and focus on some points John has given me and in particular try to take notes on people's bet sizing.

- I have been watching a Youtube playlist by Gripsed this week on MTT tournament play. I feel I need to do a bit more this week so will read through something later about REM (Range, Equity and Maxamise).

- I have had about 5 hands analysed this week, and although my goal is 10 I feel I have gotten some really good quality information to work with (shoutout to JWK24 for the help!)

I also aim to construct a time table for tournaments I like to play. This will include the open league which I am going to try place quite high in this month.