A lot has happened since my first two blog posts. I have been experimenting a lot with different games from the spin and go format *by the way what is the plural for spin and go/sit and go?* and have discovered that I enjoy playing MTTs. 

I decided that it was time for me to set some goals to try aid me to achieve what I want to from poker.

Here is a draft I have come up with so far:

- Sort out a HUD... I have had so many troubles trying to get a HUD working for me and have put it off for too long, the latest error is tables freezing when I use a HUD. Time to sort this out, this is high priority!

- Multi table less. Make notes more. I am to play at least 1 session a week where I at max 4 table, preferably just play 1 table at a time. This is because I am probably the worst when it comes to taking notes... I can be 9 tabling whilst browsing Facebook and listening to music! I guess a HUD will help with this too!

- Watch or read something that will improve my game (of poker) each night before I go to bed. This could be a short video from Felix's #RunItUp series or a chapter of the only poker book I own... The Theory of Poker

- I also aim to get at least 10 hands that I found "tricky" a week. I find that getting other's perspective on a situation really helps... Which leads on to my next goal.

- Build a trusted group of friends who are the go to for all things poker. Basically a circle of poker geeks where we dicuss everything poker.

- To review these goals each week, I am one of those people who are great at going "Yeah i'm going to go an do X and Y" but then never bother with these after day 2.


So yeah a bit about what's happened since my last blog post:

The big thing that happened and is the highlight of my poker career so far was placing 6th in "The Hot $2.2" for $257. This was awesome and I really hope to get some more of these under my belt!

I have basically just been playing a lot of MTTs along with some STTs. No more cash games for a while I think!!!


Finally to end this, along with my goals, I wanted to set some sort of monetary value which I hoped to achieve by the end of the year.


To do this I looked at what a realistic ROI would be, I settled with 20%. I then decided what to use as my starting bankroll ($250) and what my buy in rule would be (200 buy ins). I guessed my average buy in will be $1 and from here I calculated that if I play 5 tournaments a day on average, with an ROI of 20%, I will boost my bankroll by 0.4% every day. This is provided my average buy in:total buy ins ratio stays the same. Anyways, I wont get bogged down in the maths. The number I came out with was $1035. I was hoping it would be more but I don't want to rush things.


To be honest, my goal is to play poker for a living. Or at least to be good enough to be able to. I aim to achieve this goal within 6 years. PS: I hate my job.


Anyways, back to reality. If you'd like to set goals I'd reccomend looking for weaknesses in your game, such as for me not taking notes, and work on areas like this specifically. I don't reccomend setting goals such as "play 10k hands this week" because you can get to the stage where you're playing badly and you only continue to meet your goal, which isn't beneficial. Also becareful of setting vague goals such as "make more money", you need to be specific in how you're going to do this. It's fine to have it as a goal as long as you have sub goals that will address the main goal you desire! For me my main goal is being good enough to go pro, and my sub goals are all the goals leading up to this!


Sorry if some of this is waffle or isn't clear, I tend to just write and write and write.