I've been grinding out some $0.25 45 man Sit&Go's and had a great month of October profiting around $12. This month however, I was not so fortunate.


I've reviewed my play and found that I was losing out in many tournaments while making the right plays. I'm not sure if this qualifies as a downswing though, as many situations were not bad beats. Might just be my luck hitting a dry spell.

I did make a few mistakes, a couple involving bubble play, which I'm still trying to eliminate from my game, but I don't feel they were a result of tilting. I'm becoming much better at being satisfied with losing out on tournaments as long as the chips go in when I'm ahead or making a proper situational shove when shortstacked. My $0.25 45-man play resulted in a loss of less than $1 over 30+ tournaments.

I received a Big Bang ticket for my October blog post so I'd like to thank pokerschoolonline for that. Unfortunately, I was unable to play the tournament as I had prior engagements. Too bad they don't carry over!

Getting back to my November play, I strayed from my gameplan of only participating in the $0.25 45-man's and played some zoom poker for the first time. I was amazed that I was able to play 1000+ hands in a few hours. I found some success here making a marginal profit, but more importantly I achieved ChromeStar status for the first time.

I also played a few other MTT's with some success, most notably finishing 8 / 3701 in a 20 FPP tournament claiming a prize of $12.50.

In summary, my November was a success in terms of grinding my bankroll up to a profit of $30+ since my comeback. However, I will have to get back to my original plan of the $0.25 Sit&Go's. I'm also going to make a push in League Play this month and hopefully get back to the premier league although this may be tough with my limited playing time. Whether I end up in Open League or Premier League in January will determine whether or not I make a push for 20 or 150 VPP's this month.

Thanks again for reading and best of luck at the tables this December!