In the past, any attempt at real money play resulted in a loss of any money I put countless hours into to win via freerolls and league play. I knew I had to improve my play.

I've watched quite a few archived training sessions and a few live ones this past december and came across the "Cowboy's Challenge".

Basically, 100 games are played at a certain buy-in level. I chose the $0.25 level. The goal is to double your initial bankroll of 25 buy-ins. $6.25 for myself which I was able to grind out in december WR2 freerolls and Open Skill League rewards.
Further details can be found at:!

After completing a runthrough of this competition my results were staggering. I was "In The Money" (ITM) 24% of the time and a profit of over $17 was made.

Focussing solely on $0.25 45-man Sit&Go's is helping me fix the bugs in my game. I've been playing poker for a while, but my attention was all over the place. I've dabbled in Fullring and 6-max cash games, MTT's, and Sit & GO's of all kinds. So lets just say, there are a lot of bad habits to fix. Now that I'm focussed on a single game type, the learning curve has decreased significantly. Going through Hand Histories is a great help in doing so. Although I still am prone to make mistakes, I am quicker to notice and to fix these.

An updated goal for 2012 is to play 1000 of these Sit & Go's to hopefully build my bankroll to $100+. I will continue to take part in this challenge every month and I urge you give it a try. If you are already giving it a whirl, Good Luck.