The Weekly Round 2 (WR2) freerolls have a prize pool of $2000 with first place often taking home over $280! There are thousands of players, whom have received their ticket by playing countless hours in the Astronomer Freerolls, hoping to claim this top prize. So, how is this done?

My results this past month are that I am in the money (ITM) 3 out of 5 attempts. However, I have not made a significant cash. In this post, I will be sharing my style of play and my results in hopes of feedback of other strategies and results (whether good or bad) to improve my game and that of the readers.

Blind levels are slow to increase at only every 15 minutes which I feel is best suited for a tight style of play. Consequently, this is my basic strategy when approaching these freerolls.

PL Omaha Hi/Lo - ITM 1/1
I finished 654/7655 for a cash of $0.54. This was a very disappointing finish for me as I feel this is my strongest game. I played a tight game, only betting or raising the nuts. I was very cautious when playing boards with flush and straight possibilities. I did not attempt to bluff. I held a stack slightly above average most of the way through until a bad beat eliminated me from this tournament. Chips were all in after the flop where my top set was eventually beaten by a nut flush draw, but thats poker.

Limit Hold'em - ITM 1/1
I finished 1025/7559  for a cash of $0.40. Next to a couple of the astronomer freeroll limit hold'em tournaments, this game is quite new to me. I played a very tight game much as I would in NL hold'em. This resulted in a small stack as I could not get value from my hands when I did hit in the limit format. I was eventually blinded out.
I feel this is a successful strategy only in getting that minimum cash.

Limit Stud - ITM 0/1
I am not a great stud player, so I won't elaborate much on this tournament except that a tight style of play is definitely not suited to a game where antes eat away at your stack rather quickly.

NL Hold'em - ITM 1/2
I finished 1046/7159 for a cash of $0.40 and out of the money my other attempt. My NL Hold'em play style is closest matched to Tight/ Agressive meaning I play few hands and bet aggressively when I hit my hand. I maintained an average stack in both tournaments until either losing a race (i.e QQ vs AK) or a monster vs monster situation (i.e KK vs AA). I feel I played well in both and after review found a couple spots I could have made bets to take the pot where my opponents acted weak. I don't feel this would have greatly changed my outcome in these tournaments.

I understand that the strategies used above could be used in any tournament. However, I am hoping to hear back from those playing the WR2 freerolls as they are just that. Freerolls. There are still those players betting/ raising every hand. Does this change your approach?
Other feedback on blog content, structure, etc is appreciated. I will learn to use Hand Replayer to help clarify and give examples on future blog posts.