This Xmas, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy of Seven Card Stud for Advanced Players, by Sklansky, Malmouth and Zee... yes, obviously I'd asked for it; it's hardly on my mum's reading list, is it?!

So, I've decided that my first poker challenge of the year is to play my BR up to $100, from $70 - as it stood on Xmas day. I'll be playing $0.04 / $0.08 Stud ring games on Stars. I'll be buying in with $1.60 (i.e. 20 Big Bets) and playing to either (a) $0.00 (b) $3.20 or (c) change of table / break / stop required.

In my first week and a half, I have ground my way slowly upwards from $70 to $80; with all but one of my sessions having finished ahead. Unfortunately, my one losing session involved two buy-ins and an off the program SnG... well, it IS Xmas, and I had been drinking / smoking copiously. Take that as a lesson... playing poker whilst inebriated isn't a winning prospect, generally... it is LOTS of fun though :mrgreen: