As i bakroll is 0 from more then 250$ in cash table.  but i know that what i am good at, tourney,sng. so, my new target will be play more tourney but not turbos as i need time to get some momentum but believe me when i get enouugh chipstake according to me then nobody can terminate me other then bad luck. 



so now i start with buin's range from 1 to 27, this ragnge is compitable as per my requirments and stability of my bankroll. and other then that i will try sunday million satellites but not to play in sunday million but to cash tournament money that makes my bankroll going.


but i want to share a video where i plaed with aa:

and win, but mark my word that pokerschool members are loose players thats why i don't want to join their league but because of loss i am init.