Actually i really like the video as i too started playing omaha but i learned alot from video that two card from pocket cards and three cards from board as i started to learn omaha h/l but that is different from omaha (h) but in terms of learning from videos i.e. from starting to end of the video joe hachem plays very effectively but i don't like when he had akk6 but he wasted time in thinking and hand suddenly folds. but he plays according to how cards turn out in board like if he has two Kd Ks Js Ad but in the flop two clubs are out then he fold thats what i like most you have to play according to board and your hand too. it gives you complete knowledge of omaha in small video. As far as i am concern less people know about omaha thats why omaha tourneys are not famous amoung people but in last 1 year i have seen slight increase in interest of people in omaha. and pso promote its videos like this to increase the interest. as far as this video is concerned it is good enough to teach you lesson on omaha.