Yes so this was supposed an update to yesterday's post (I thank all 4 of you for reading it), but I'm torquing the original purpose for this post. I'm just trying to articulate myself currently.

How much does it cost to get away from donks? I thought the PSO league would be refuge, but the league is really going downhill as more people find out about it. I've only been in the league for two months, and I can really tell that the quality of players has crashed this month. The playing field is so diluted, and I just don't find it fun anymore. It's amusing to me how when I get aces cracked, or a donk hits runner runner flush, the kids are so offensive. I might just give my final words like "Nice call." and it sets them off like a time bomb. My goodness these guys are so fragile. And they don't have any actually objective reasoning behind their arguing, so it's just mindless gradeschool playground nonsense. I got aces cracked the other day, and whatever I said just made this kid explode. Oh man he was fired up after i had my last words. He was defending his call with KJ offsuit on my AA. Actually he was just babbling about how I was so dumb and whatnot. If he actually had an argument I would be happy to say "Hey, I guess you're right" but you know what? There's no argument for that. And another time I hit top set with my pocket jacks, I get the chips in and a kid calls with ace high, and A7 offsuit in his hand. Lucky for him he had a seven of spades with two spades on the flop. He hits runner runner spades and of course I have my last words for him. And he keeps pushing the idea that I'm an idiot for calling his bet (which he didn't make in the first place). So apparently I should've known that this guy would hit runner runner spades. Silly me, I need to work on my ESP skills. BLEH.

In other news, I need to post this for the WBCOOP.

Online Poker

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