Alright as of a couple days ago the MicroMania tournaments have ended, and I have received what I am mockingly calling my "unemployment check". After losing almost all of what I had earned, I was down to 4 cents. This MicroMania ticket gave me 5.51 and I'm back in business baby. I've only entered one tournament with money so far and I won a double or nothing. Feels great to be back. I am hoping I can win enough double or nothings so that I can become an active player next month too. In other news... I think this is the longest I've gone without writing about my bad beats.

This drought of bad beat blogs is partially because I haven't been getting as many bad beats. This is mainly because I haven't been playing as much poker since I didn't have any money to toil around with, but I also think things have turned around a bit. Scratch that actually. Things are just as bad as usual, I'm just better at handling my bad beats. Sheesh now that I'm blogging about it, I can think of a dozen off hand! But I'm not blogging right now just to dwell on bad beats... that's for another day.

What I'm really hear to talk about is the WBCOOP! I'm hoping that my blog gets accepted even though it's fairly new (and fairly unpolished). Actually, I really don't have much to say other than that regarding the WBCOOP, so this blog may end in the middle of a sente-