I'm just going to put it straight out there. This is unbelievable to the point where something just isnt right. Something just doesn't add up. This is insane. I am beyond anger now. I am to the brink of conspiracy. I am willing to say that I have the worst luck of any lucky person out in the world. When I say that, I mean that I'm born into an upper-middle class family, and I have a nice life- outside of poker. I ask that you read all of my blogs to see what I am talking about. 80% of the time I play poker, I lose from a donk-out. A suck-out from a shove-monkey, bullshit from a bullshitter- whatever you want to call it. Lately, it has become literally unfathomable bad luck. Let me describe what has happened to me in my last two games, in the last few seconds. First off, let me say that I do not play poker enough to justify this. I play poker a couple times a day. Anyways, so just a second ago, I forgot which tournament, but I landed AA in the first hand. Two raisers behind me, I shove. I get three callers. One has A9, another has something like 67. On the flop, the A9 hits a 9. The turn is clean. The river is another 9. Who would've guessed- except me. I always guess it, and I'm right virtually every time. That seems likely an overstatement but it's not. In the last few days, I've had the most unbelievable suck-outs on me. I'm talking gut-wrenching, mind-boggling, flat out "No F**king Way!" kind of suck-outs. Seriously. Read my last blog. It will blow your mind. Actually it will make you feel a lot better about yourself. So go read it. It currently has no views because of the huge New Years Day clog of blogs that all were released simultaneously. So, in the other tournament I'm playing, I rant about what my loss with AA on my other table as the next suck-out is just about to happen. So anyways, these two big stacks have position on me in the PSO league. They are making dumb raises, and dumb calls. One of those times, I was in the small blind with J7 offsuit. Now this may seem stupid to you at first, but whatever. I made the right read on this guy. Oh yeah his name is "Kooterzman", who I wouldn't expect to be making donk plays according to his rank, but what do I know? Anyways, the big blind is sitting out, and the blinds  are up to 150/75, so it's fairly worth stealing em'. Everyone folds to kooterzman, who is on my right. He thinks for a few seconds, and limps in. I've been playing fairly tight, so I'm just reading his mind in that he probably thinks I'll fold, so he'll just limp in with crap and not have to raise. Well not in my house! So i raise up to 450, and he thinks for another second, and calls. The flop gives me middle pair; I hit my seven. I raise another 450, and he raises me all in ( I had 1300 chips to start the hand). I think for a good few seconds, but I knew all along I had to call. He turns over 8-7 suited and I don't even smile. The bullshit was inevitable. The river comes an 8, I'm out. I rant, and the guy has the nerve to make snide remarks justifying himself. Telling me how stupid I was to raise, and how stupid I was to go all-in. I'm not even debating that, I'm just debating this guy's amazing ignorance. He can't even say that he made any stupid calls, or that he lucked out. It's just how stupid I am. Like I'M the one that just sucked out on his chips. Oh poor him- he made a stupid call on my "stupid" raise... Oh BOO F**king HOO. You're gonna cry to me about how I'm ranting? God damnit, at least I'm empathetic enough to console the other player whenever I suck-out (Yeah that one time I sucked out). While we're arguing he makes two more stupid plays, and he's just oblivious to them. You know what? I'm done with poker! Until tomorrow.... Then I will have more suck-outs to write about. I hope people don't conclude that I'm crazy. I get sucked out on in almost every single tournament I play in. And you know what kiddos? KARMA AIN't F**kin' REAL.