So I've all but depleted my real money and play money accounts in a few short days. A few minutes ago I had 562,000 play money chips, now I have 12,000. A few days ago I had grown my nothing into 15.53 in real money; now I have 38 cents.

I am angry to the extent where I don't yet realise how angry I am. I'm not going to say I lost all of my real money due to suck outs or wild rivers, because I wasted about 6 dollars on huge tournaments that I didn't take seriously because I was on such a roll with double or nothings. In a course of two days, i had won 19/21 double or nothings. At one point I had won 9 in a row. I had finally found my calling. I was unstoppable. I was a money making machine. Then as I realised how great I was doing, I started slumping. I wasted myself down to 8 dollars out of my own stupidity, and not playing seriously. I'm even going to say I lost all the rest out of bad beats... But it was pretty damn bad. Two pairs losing to a donk's pocket deuces on the river, straight flush losing to higher straight flush (facepalm), and so many others that just pain me to think about. I had so many bad beats I just couldn't believe it. I simply do not believe it. I had taken so many bad beats in a course of 5 minutes, it felt like I was being plotted against. It literally felt like there was an outside source working against me. I simply was devastated to the point where I didn't even realise how ridiculous this was. I really can't even bear to think about it, considering all the work it took to build my bankroll from nothing in these past couple months.

After the real money was gone, I went to play money. My bankroll was 165,000 in play chips. I did about 5 of the 80,000 heads up games, and won 4 of them. I also won a 200,000 heads up; but that doesn't add up. I'm not sure of the exact figures, but I ended up at 562,000. I then did a 150,000 heads up and lost. Now THIS was the most ridiculous match I've ever played. I got bad beat so many times.... Ugh... ugh ugh. Well it's just play money. But it's the only money I got anymore. Anyways.... Then, out of anger I played a 200,000 heads up, and again witnessed the most unbelievable bullshit-fest I have ever seen. I was (and am) simply baffled. Then, still in complete anger, I did a 150,000 heads up. First hand, pocket fives. Screw this. All-in. Guy calls, turns over KQ suited. The flop leaves me way ahead with gutshot and since he didn't hit any of his pairs. The turn- a king. Whatever. Bound to happen on the river anyways. Better now than later, right?

Another thing I wanted to mention was this rags 2 riches rd 1 I did today. So- early on I had built myself up to 21,000 chips. Everyone else at my table was sitting out except for one kid. Yes, "it" must've been a kid. Anyways, he kept sucking out. And I'm talking unbelievable suckouts. He takes one bad hit, and is down to about 4,800. So I raise all-in preflop with pocket queens, and he calls with pocket tens. Suckout #1. Next hand, I raise all-in with pocket aces, he calls and turns over pocket fours. Suckout #2. Next hand, I have KQ suited, and he raises preflop, but I just smooth call. The flop gives me a pair of queens and a flush draw. I shove all in, he turns over AQ offsuit. Ofcourse he wins. Yeah whatever. Just WHATEVER. That's all that can be said right now. I am done with poker atleast until next year.... Oh wait....