So if you read my last post, I said I was playing a sitngo and winning.... Well I knew there would be something annoying to happen since I was blogging about it all along lol. So I get heads up (yeah I still won something....) and we're even stacks. I get him down a bit, and the flop comes 3-5-7. I have pocket 9's, I put him all in. He turns over pocket 4's. Idiot right? Turn-irrelevant. River-SIX????? WHAT? not again not again not again! Im crippled down to 700 and he has 8300. I double up twice and then lose a bit again. So the situation is I'm furious, and with 2200 chips. I go all in with pocket eights after a nice flop for me, and he calls. He turns over A5. YES! I GOT HIM! Turn is an ace. Nevermind. I think ill go bash in my face. Figures. I should know not to be happy. Well atleast I got something. Just so suspicious that I get a bad beat as I blog about bad beats! Where's the conspiracy? Alright well I'm trying to clear my head, I'm back where I started yesterday. If I'm going to continue playing poker, I'm going to need to be mentally at peace.... Oh and also a lucky rabbit's foot. Well atleast I still got Hubble's freeroll lol.