So at this point in my poker career I believe I have come so far in terms of skill in just two months of play poker. Three months ago I didn't even know how to play any type of poker. And when I started poker and Pokerstars, I immediately started my standard rule that I would never deposit money, which has worked out. In the last three days, I boosted my bankroll from 4 cents to 4.87 from some great tournaments. I cashed two NAPL tournaments, and placed 10th in one of them for 3.00. I placed 26th in a PSO tournament, and then immediately 19th in the next one. I was on a streak of ITM in PSO. I was playing double or nothing sitngoes and I won two in a row.... So where's the heartbreak?

Well the bad news all started with the good news.... My milestone run in yesterdays NAPL of 4,252 people. I had a very nice stack, just about to go into the final table, where I might boost my bankroll to 80.00. So I was doing fantastically the whole tournament, maintaining an above average stack consistently until about 60 people were left. So bla bla bla six hours of poker later and theres 11 people left, and i boosted my stack back to an average size of about 350,000. The next hand, I have A9, and the table folds to me, the SB. I raise preflop, and the BB, who is a slightly smaller stack, calls. The flop comes A-10-3. Great flop for me. But, the BB raises 100,000, which doesn't surprise me because he's been playing like quite an idiot.... I raise him all in, and he turns over pocket sevens. What an idiot! Pocket sevens?!?! How can you call all in with that kind of flop and POCKET SEVENS???? The turn comes a 5- irrelevant. The river- SEVEN. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT??????? I played SIX HOURS OF THE BEST POKER IVE EVER PLAYED.... for... WHATT?????? I'm going absolutely berserk in my head after that bullshit. You gotta understand where I'm coming from, as a novice poker player, playing for six hours into the night, just to end up with a crippled stack because of some complete idiot. So I get taken out in a 50-50 hand, and I'm still boiling mad because of my crippling bad beat. So I get three dollars when I couldve gotten 80 dollars, or more likely around 20-30 dollars. So 3 dollars... 6 hours of god damn good poker if i do say so myself. Gone. Just Gone into oblivion. Whatever... atleast I beat 4,242 people... Right? NOT RIGHT... oh whatever, who am I? Phil Helmuth?

About all the other games, I don't have the patience to write out the bull that happened to me today, but I kept getting crippled by donks over and over. Wow, I'm beginning to sound barbaric. That's poker, right? What really persuaded me to make this post was this last double or nothing sitngo i did. So there's this one guy the left of me, and on the first hand he's making this obvious bluff to me. Like, he looked like he was giving me the chips, and so he puts in 200 chips after the 300 he had already put in on, on the turn. Bla bla bla bla bla he catches his out on the river. Seriously.... Whatever, not exactly a bad beat. So a while later, I'm a fair sized stack, and I get AA. Great right? So I raised preflop nice and big, of course he calls. I raise the flop, I raise the turn all in. Ofcourse the idiot calls and turns over AQ, with a 4% chance of winning on the river. Boom the ten on the river, he hits his straight and I'm so pissed because I lost a chunk of my tiny bankroll to this idiot. That pisses me off royally because that's real money that I had to play some legitimate poker to earn! I took atleast 12 bad beats these past few days, some more significant than others. Sucks don't it.

So I sit here playing the Hubble freeroll, and a six man (now a four man) sitngo that cost 1.20. I got the big stack. Yay me. I'll probably lose anyways. Well, it'll be fun while it lasts lol. Anyways, tell me your stories guys, I hope I didn't sound like a whiner, I'm really not... (I would use a manlier word).