Gday to all you grinders, degens and poker lovers out there im back for another blog post about the 2013 Micro Millions Series. I know its kinda late but ive been pretty flat with work and a little too busy to play and write as much as id like

I  played 18 events and cashed in 8 of those tourneys played. 

It wasnt my best ever cash but i busted in 186th/60k runners which was my largest field ever and i really would have loved to made the Final Table but just wasnt my day. There wasnt alot i couldve done in my last hand. Tried my best but in the end blinds were way too high and i was very short stacked for alot of the game. Very happy with my run though and was stoked to get my investors a little roi. I won a 2$ satty into the Main Event and turned it into $367, checkout the bustout hand in the final event.

Good Luck to all playing poker this weekend