Can't make it very far drawing one terrible hand after another. I made it thru the first consolodation of tables (from 4 to 3) after the break. The blinds got higher and my stack dwindled until the big blind came arouind and I folded 9/4 off. Then, in the small blind, I was dealt A/6 suited (d) and pushed for my remaining 2000 (after already having 200 in the sb). I never connected and was beat by a pair of sevens.
     I had 5,400 @ the 8'oclock break and felt like rebuying for 2000 more chips but thought it wouldn't make a difference. Coming off break blinds were 1/200. Looking back at it now.....those seem like decent numbers but......  
I feel like I played as good as I coildv'e tonight w/ what I was given.
     Should I have pushed w/ those 2? or try to wait for something?