Ok.....this is my first forray into "the blog thing", so anyone who follows can keep that in mind.

     Now, onto why I'm here.......I'm starting this blog in order to help myself more than anything. I need something concrete to go back over and look at. Maybe discuss w/ fellow players (if anyone ever reads this paticular blog?). I go to a multi-table tournament at a local game room, and am needing to figure out the proper method of dealing w/ some of the situations I find myself in.
  I have won turny's on 'stars, and partypoker, but this is a different player at this live event. It occured to me today that really no matter the player I'm playing against, having a solid style of play is going to work against anyone?!?! true? no? idk! But I also know a person needs to change their game according to the table.
      I'll come back after tonight's turny and post my results and share a few hand details.