So while I found it so frustrating, the format was so appealing and I was drawn back...bwahahahaha!!!

Sticking to a tight rule of only playing 5 Spin n Go's in one sitting, and playing only 1 game at a time to fully concentrate on my opponents, I started winning and was on a real upstreak over the course of a few days.

Then came the day when I had more time, was playing in a slow tournament and wanted some action at the same time.  Essentially, what happened on this day was a replication of the first day.  Bad variance -> upping the stakees -> bad playing -> upping the stakes -> bankroll destroyed -> I got lucky on my final $15 buy-in and back up to $90 (so still well below the $150 I started with)

So I have developed some tips/strategy on how to play the Spin n Go format and would welcome any thoughts from others.

1: Only play 1 table at a time.  The game is fast enough that it is interesting and if you're multi-tabling, you don't pick up on your opponents' weaknesses and you miss opportunities that are vital in the fast game structure.

2: Variance and suckouts happen.  Deal with it.  Remember, you also suckout on others.  I started keeping a very basic tally of suckout rates.  With pen and paper, I made a table with 4 columns, Hero with 2 over cards, Villian with 2 overs, Hero with 1 over, Villian with 1 over.  Whoever won the hand got 1 point in the appropriate column.  It was roughly even.  E.g Hero with AQ vs Villian with AK would be villian with 1 over.

3: Take the games that are not a higher pot just as seriously as the higher payouts (i.e. the buy-in).  If you don't get lucky for a few rounds and miss the higher payouts (or don't win on the higher payout when it comes), then you have to win 2 out of 3 to make a profit.  Winning 1 out of 2 is only breaking even.  This is where the Beware! comes from, as you do need to win a high percentage of games to actually win in this format.

4: Do not have a long session with this format.  It is fast and easy to make mistakes.  Take regular breaks.

5: Don't bluff too much on the flop.  With short stacks, you don't have much room to move. 

6: As with any format, position is key.

7: Though this is not regualr advice, slow playing the nuts/monster hands post-flop usually pays off.  This is because if you played aggressive pre-flop and they follow, they also have a good hand (or they're bad).  Showing weakness will invite a bet.  Follow them to the river and then jam.  If your opponent is stronger, they will not donk into you, so you need to adjust according to the opponent.  This leads back to point 5 - don't bluff on the flop and let them bluff/donk into you.

8: Bankroll management - learn from my repeated mistakes and don't become a gambler.


So my final note is this.  I play a max of 5 games (3 x $1 and 2 x $3), but I have primarily moved onto the Grinding it Up strategy at the .02/.05NL games, so this is my last post on Spin n Go and I'll start tracking my Grinding it Up.