So the new Spin n Go format is fun and very appealing...and so miserably frustrating.

The swings are hectic and I made some very poor bankroll management decisions that wiped me out.  Real gamblers kind of mentality.  Here is the scenario.  The exact number of games at the different buy-in's is not so clear in my memory.  But definitely the starting bankroll, final buy-in and ending bankroll are correct.


I started with a bankroll of $150.  I lost about 15 x $1 games in a row, due to some horrible variance and getting called by people with garbage that hit runner runner cards or 2-outer suckouts.  So I thought that the players on the $1 tables were generally of a poor quality and getting very lucky.  This led to the decision of moving up to $3 to win my money back (classic gambler mentality).


Obviously I was not in the right head space, started playing badly (became the player I was trying to get away from), and of course, I never sucked out and got crushed.  Naturally I went on tilt, hit the $7 table and decided to tighten up and I'll win the money back quickly... I can hear you all laughing.


In fact I was playing well on the $7 table, but so were the others.  I think I played 10 games at this level and was heads up 8/10.  Due to the hyper structure, the games invariably went to the person who got lucky in the end.  I won some, that kept me floating, but lost most and was definitely down on this level doesn't end there.


2 x $15 buy-in...both lost.  2 x $30 buy-in...both lost...I was left with $30...I took the challenge.  Pool was $120, I won, and almost back up to my starting bankroll.  Adrenaline pumping, I made the best decision and walked away, swearing never to play spin n go again.