Hey everybody,

Played two MTTs today.  The $5 and $11 90 Super Progressive Knockouts in which I placed 11th and 5th respectively.

At the end of the $5, I was super short stacked, shoved, didn't hold up.  Standard stuff.

The $11 I called a shove from a short stack with over a $33 bounty.  I added the bounty into the chip consideration when working out my odds.  Called with Q7 of clubs.  He had pocket deuces.  Flop came two clubs and a backdoor straight draw.  Didn't hit any of my outs, and it chopped my stack.  I got KJo the next hand, now short stacked.  Shoved, got called by pocket sevens.  No King or Jack.  

But I had a good run today, and I'm happy.

Hope y'all got some success too,

Tyrant Rex