So.  Originally this blog was created to whine and complain about all the bad beats I take in the free roll tournaments on Pokerstars.  However, that's not condusive towards learning how to play better.  It's easy to complain that someone got lucky (although shoving J3o and flopping full houses is lucky) than to admit that my own play is bad.  I've been watching some videos on PSO.  My play has improved since those days.

Now, this blog needs to be restructured.  It will no longer be whining and complaining.  It will be for asking for advice and help.  Or to just analyze my own play and have others' comment on it.

Starting off.  I've gone bust a few times since I last posted.  It's a horrible feeling to lose your bankroll, because you were too impatient with the game to stick to limits within your level in an attempt to rise to the next level.  Now that I've restarted with a new bankroll, I will be employing BR management.  No more playing in levels where my buy-ins aren't at a healthy number.

Second, I had a good win in the $5 90-Man Progressive Knockout a few weeks back.  Played tight and got lucky in a few spots.  I started with the chip lead at the final table, got knocked down, then got a double up.  And after that, ran amazing through to the win.  This tournament was too high for my bankroll, and I wouldn't recommend anyone to play this tourney without 100 Buy-Ins (aka $500). The competition was pretty tough.

Third,  I'm having trouble readjusting to the micros with my new bankroll.  In higher levels, bluffs can get through pretty well but in the micros people hold onto the strangest hands.  Last night I came in 9th in a $1.50 Turbo 45-man.  2 off the money.  I 3-Bet a button raiser 3x his bet from the SB, he came along with 92s clubs.  Now, I shouldn't have bet the flop when it came 3 clubs, and probably should've just check folded, but seeing 92s calling a 3-bet was unusual for me.  I marked him with a note for the next time we're in a tourney together.  I think part of my problem in cashing tourneys is I get too aggressive towards the bubble.  When I get that far, usually I get a massive chip up and cash in the top prizes or I go bust.  Any advice?  Or anyone want to just remind me in the comments to be patient and wait for really good spots?

That's all for now.  Have fun at the tables and good luck.