So, I'll be posting my bad beats in this blog consistently.  People say, "if you're skilled, you'll win eventually."  But it's damn near impossible to play well in the freerolls.  Reason being, there's nothing to lose.  You risk nothing to join, and people play like they're not going to lose anything.  Whole tables all-in preflop first hand of the tournament.  You'll see hands like K4, 83, 92 all in on that first hand.  And to call is folly.  Sure, Aces win 80% of the time.  But there's too many hands in play and the deal is too random to ensure victory.

By all means, shove if you have aces.  But with 8 other hands in the pot with you, expect some garbage to happen.  The first 20 minutes of the Open League Freeroll is everyone waiting for a single face card to shove on.  And if you have sense, you have to sit there and wait until you got something half-decent to call them with.  

I understand that that's in the title.  Open Skill.  It's open to everyone regardless of knowledge, skill, or sense.  And it costs nothing, so no one takes it seriously.  But that's exactly why freerolls blow. And most people want to get their frustration over bad beats and bad play out.