I wanted to make a post with a cash graph for my last 10k hands played at 5nl on TSTSNBN (The Site That Shall Not Be Named, I live in the United States so I can't play on PokerStars). This graph covers all hands that I have played since the last time that I purged my database in HM2 which I mentioned in my last blog post. It covers from July 21st to September 30th. I haven't played at all since Sept. 30th just due to being too busy. I'm not very happy about the fact that it took me ten weeks to get to 10k hands. I had considered making a post with less hands played about a month ago, but it didn't seem like a big enough sample size to be worth posting. I understand that 10k is still a small sample, but that's what I got so here it is:

I would like to make it possible to click the graph to make it larger to look at, but unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to do that. Sorry. You may be able to zoom in with your browser if necessary. I feel generally well about the results reflected here. I think my game has improved a lot over the last months, but I also feel like the player pool at 5nl on TSTSNBN is very weak on average. I still don't really feel ready to move back up to 10nl. I worry that if I was able to play on a better site like PokerStars then maybe the player pool will just be so much more skilled on average that I won't be able to put up winning results.

If you look at the top right of the graph there is a spot around the 9500th hand where my "All in EV" goes straight down. That reflects a hand that I played where I got it all in on the turn with 190 BB effective stacks drawing completely dead (aka, 0% equity) in a 3 way pot. I will spare you and myself from writing out the details. Take my word for it that it was a hand that I should have been able to get away from either pre, on the flop, or on the turn. It was just complete spew. I think it was the worst hand that I have played since starting on TSTSNBN. Go me! ... Bleh, ok fine, here's what happened in the hand: It was my button and I had with 190BB stack. The guy in the CO has me covered, and he opens for 3x which I flat call. I have history with the CO guy that influenced my decision to call, but I should have probably just folded or perhaps 3bet. Now the guy in the SB who has a stack of 124BB min raises to 6x. I had about 200 hands on the SB and he is pretty passive, so alarm bells are going off. I'm sure the SB has a strong hand, but the CO flat calls and it's 3BB to me to call in position into a pot of 16BBs. I call. The flop comes , the pot is 19BBs and the SB leads for 10BBs. The CO flat calls, and it was around here that I just turned off my brain. I flat called which I don't think is terrible right now, but my brain was off so it's not like I was thinking that at the time. The turn comes a blank and the board is , the pot is 49BBs and the SB leads out for 38BBs. The CO flat calls, and what do I do? Of course I fold because I can't think of any way that I'm beating both players, right? No, no, noooooo, I raise to 114BBs! The SB calls all in, the CO shoves, and I call all-in. The CO had , and SB had , and I suck. The board doesn't pair up, so the CO wins a huge pot.

On another note, there is a trend in my play that I have noticed since last January that I know is a problem, but which I still haven't fixed. I have read stuff or seen videos by pros where they specifically talk about this and say don't do it, but here I am doing it. It's that when I'm winning I stop playing even if I feel like I have an edge on the other players, but when I'm losing I keep playing and playing and playing to try to get back to at least even on the session. What this creates is that all of my longer sessions are losing sessions, with a couple of them being break even, and my winning sessions are almost all less than an hour. In these last 10k hands, none of the winning sessions are for over two buy ins. I have one session where I won 182 BBs in nine minutes and then quit playing. During this same time I have multiple losing sessions for more than two buy ins, one of which was a session where I lost five buy ins. This makes me worry that when the time comes that I can play a larger volume of hands then maybe I won't be able to win. I guess it comes down to having the discipline to quit when I'm playing badly, but the confidence to keep playing when I'm winning instead of just cut and run because I'm scared to lose what I have gained.

I have some other things going on as far as poker goes, but it's going to have to wait until a later post. I will leave you with something fun, or at least interesting. If you want to see a video of a shark getting owned by a huge fish then click HERE. I just think that it's an amazing video, lol.