It's been a while since I have found the time to make a post here. Sorry about that. I have just been busy with work. I also haven't been able to find much time to play poker in the last month. Unfortunately, work is an annoying necessity for me. That whole "have to eat" thing.

In the last post I said "That pretty much brings us up to date", but that isn't really the case. It just brought us up to the end of last summer ish, and I feel a need to continue from that point. I mentioned that I have been playing for real money on a site in the United States. After I started participating in PSO I wanted to play more poker to try out the things I was learning. I began playing more play money games on Pokerstars. I was quick to divine that playing the ring games for play money would probably drive me insane in a short span of time so I gave up on that even though I really wanted to work on cash games. It may be possible that high stakes play money ring games are worthwhile for practicing, but I really wasn't motivated to earn a hundred million in play money to find out. On the other hand, I do think that it is possible to practice some things in sit and goes playing for play money. I think that someone can work on their short stack play in play money S&Gs for instance, but it didn't take long before I felt that I needed to be able to play for real money to properly assess and try to significantly improve my poker skills.

I knew that there were some sites in the U.S. where it was possible to play for real money even though it's not strickly legal, so I looked online to try to figure out what site I might play on. I found some, but I really couldn't figure out which ones might actually be safe. The reality is that none of them are probably really safe to play on, but desperate times call for desperate measures. In the middle of November of last year I contacted a certain respected PSO member who I know lives in the U.S. whose opinion I felt I could trust on the matter, and he took the time to give me some much appreciated feedback. I chose to play on The Site That Shall Not Be Named (hereafter TSTSNBN), and deposited $100.

I immediately began showing my outstanding bank roll management skills by playing some $10 double or nothing S&Gs, but I really want to learn to play cash games profitably so after I had been on the site for a few days I took my *cough* $70 to the 10nl tables. I know some people reading this may think that $70 isn't enough of a bankroll to play 10nl, but I did the math and found that it's pretty close to optimal so I went for it.

I am going to have to cut this short right there. I plan to pick up with what it's like playing on TSTSNBN, and some things I have learned while playing 10nl in the next post. Hopefully, I will be able to post again before another month has past.




P.S.: I don't want any new players to take this as good advice, so just in case anybody out there thinks I'm serious let me be a little more clear: I'm kidding about $70 being enough of a bankroll to play 10nl. If all you have is $70 please don't play 10nl ... Also, don't play $10 sit and goes if you only have $100.