I've never found myself in a good position to play games i would have like to during SCOOP or WCOOP and would like to take the upcoming scoop as a platform to register for at least 3 events im expeirianced in and they will be the opening $27 6max which with a good result could set me up to have a shot at the low series leaderboard though for me this wont be a priority but im not getting ahead of myself its a thought i'd had when writing this with cashing being all i need, the second if im unsuccessful will be 07L $7.50 headsup which i am sure i am a great candidate after studying these battles and grinding long sessions at all levels from $1.50 to $1000 i will try my best to enter 07M $82this really excites me but maybe out of my price range and finally the 3rd will be 17L $27NLHE 6max turbo superknockout which i find as great value maybe playing not as aggresive till i've taken a few quick bounties if it happens than firing my whole arsenal against the remaining players TyAllan