I am a Texas Lady that just turned 50 years old. In the past two years I have been diagnosed with Lung Cancer and I never smoked a day in my life. They took out my lower feft lung then. A month later they said I had thyroid cancer and removed my thyroid. 5 months later I go in to the ER 6 times and finathey find the problem and they remove my gallbladder. Then I have extreme pain in my lower back and right hip and leg. The do test and I have neuopathy in my feet due to my diabetes and siatica affecting my spinal cord, lower back nerves and down the legs. So now I cannot walk . I tell you this because I never gave up. I love playing poker and was prettyy good at it. I have so much I want to do before I die and now they way I have another mass in my throat. So I staart here today with $20 in my account and will grow it . I have set low goals of growing to $200 within the month. Lets see how we do.