So it's just a few days short of 8 months since I began playing poker...both online and off. I presently play about 80% online, but only because there are very few low stakes tables here in Calgary and even fewer that I can afford on my rather limited budget. All I do for income is in fact play poker...but as some of you know, that came about out of necessity more than anything else.

For those of you whom haven't been following my blog...and few do, so don't worry...I have a serious spinal issues after breaking my back and neck a few times, and I found poker more or less as a means to an end and because it was the one thing I believe I can do to make a regular income. I started here, at Poker Stars back in January after having my account for nearly a year and doing nothing...not even playing cash games...I went thru the Poker School with average grading...and deposited $20.00...all the spare cash I had...and started playing on the micro stakes tables and tournaments.

Not much has changed really...I still play micro stakes because I have won and done well...even if only to own way of thinking. I had a 4 month break after back and neck surgery...and I've been back playing again now for a month. I emmersed myself in poker books during my time away...learned a great deal. Since January my life has been doing all I can, very cheaply, to learn more about Hold'em, Omaha, Razz, etc...tho I mostly play Hold'em. Made it to two final tables here in $2.20 and $4.40 buy in tournaments...have won 1 local felt tournament of the Calgary Classic Tournaments...and excellent time by the which I encourage everyone locally to play in. And finally...just got knocked out of the Red Spade Million Dollar Event when my AQs  Hearts ran into Ako and the board went a complete brick of Diamonds. I was dumb enough to get stupidly aggressive against a 3 bet pre-flop and went all in...lesson learned...maybe...we all make mistakes yeah.

So now my bankroll is $50 odd less and I'm back to drawing board and will be in on the Poker School League...which I just missed the 1500hr tourney because of writing this.

See you on the tables, thank you to all those whom have followed me and wished me well both in recovery and on the felt...Good Luck To All

By the way...I am still going pro...tho considering poker is all I do anymore...I already consider myself as such.