To anyone who was following me I sincerely apologize. I've been offline for a while having back surgery and couldn't get out of bed or stay awake long enough to get into a game of any kind. So I've been away...but that doesn't mean I haven't been working on my game!!!

If there's one thing one has plenty of after spinal surgery, it's a great deal of time to read. I whole heartedly suggest everything written by our very own Daniel Negreanu. I picked up a few of his books and studied them cover to cover and just for kicks...and because we have an eerily similair history...I also picked up Mike Matusow's "Check Raising The Devil", an excellent read for anyone interested in Mike's life and style. I promise you, they will give you a whole new level of respect for both fellas, as well as teach you absolutely mountains about poker, tactics, strategy and every other facet of the game...I simply can't say enough good about all the books I now happily own. And believe me, if you think spending over a $100.00 on a few books is crazy...I'm going to be the first guy to tell you that I firstly bought the books I did as an investment into my game and my future. Secondly, I made back the cost of the books, plus an extra $27.50 at the cash tables in my first few days back online. Thirdly, my advancement in the tourney's I've been getting in on has been surprising even me!!! I am no longer afraid to play the tourney's...I can handle the aggression...and I am not trying to boast or brag here but, I have made it into the top 30% of the final players in nearly every tourney I've entered as well as I can now claim three cashes!

Ok, it's not been for any great money, but that's hardly the point. I've only made a total of $130.00 some dollars on the tourney cashes...but that's a far cry better than where I was before. My Pop used to say that "...every successful man is a reader...", and I firmly believe that as well. I always took my Pop's advice and I do miss him greatly. Not only was he my Pop...but he was my best friend and mentor. But he was one of the most successful men I ever met. Add to that, that he had but an 8th grade education and ended up running he own company respected across Canada and in the last 12 years of his working life, he made enough for he and Ma to retire very comfortably on...he read voraciously. Everytime I saw him he had a book crammed to his face. Point is the game front to back and side to my's the only way you'll ever really succeed at it....that and great amounts of practice, practice, practice.

So after my first 120 days playing poker...I have learned Texas Hold'em and am making money at it. I also have a pretty good handle on Pot Limit Omaha and am also learning Stud and Razz. I figure I can't just make it as a Pro if I'm only good at PLHE and NLHE. Mike Matusow plays several variations of poker...I'm sure all the good Pro's do...and so shall I. I've immersed myself in learning and practicing poker on average about 10 to 12 hours per day, 6 days per week, and it's definately starting to payoff for me.

I never picked up a deck of cards before 120 days ago, and many laughed when i said I want to go Pro eventually. So I guess I'm saying that's my advice...a little of my Pop...a little of my, practice, live and breath the game...and have a great time doing it! I don't care who you are...if you're not loving what you do for a living, you will never really succeed at it. To date my best has been a 6th place finish in a $3.30 buy in, 2K tourney with 2863 people entered....and a 23rd place finish in a $4.40 buy in, 10K  6 max. tourney...and the other day a 34th place finish in $2.20 buy in, 2K tourney. I won't say how much but I've tripled my bankroll at the cash tables. Not my opionion...for a guy who started playing his very first game of poker 120 days ago.

Lastly...yep you guessed it...I'm going to plug the Poker School and Free Lessons available to you here. If you don't take those lessons, even if you've played for a long time...I personally think you're a fool. There is so much being offered here and so many whom have helped me along'd be crazy to just jump in and take your chances without a part of what goes on here...and you're missing out on making some very good friends along the way. If you're rich enough to think you don't need friends who have things in common with you...then you have bigger problems than I ever had...LOL.

Good Luck All

See you on the tables