I want to thank those of you who follow me and also encouraged me to enter a few more tournaments.

Must admit...I was more than apprehensive to go in on another tourney after my last outting and rather pathetic outcome. But I said to hell with it and took the chance and entered a 10FPP Holdem #3697714877 and surprised myself with a very pleasing 28th Place finish and went down fighting. Second last hand for me, my stack was only $7968.00 and well below the BB, so in UTG 1, I went all in with a Q9s {clubs} and took the flush and ended up $39,000.00 and change. In teh small blind I would've been left something like $4500.00 so I went all on with an 84o and was knocked out, taking home $0.95.

I'm also even as far as Micro Stakes Tables goes as well, being $4.50 in the black, not including the Tourney placing...I like black ink on my record books...:-D

So thus ends week 7 for me and Congratulations to the winner on game # 3697714877

Good Luck To You All...see on the proverbial felt!!!